Saturday, March 12, 2011

French Fridays With Dorie: Beggars Linguine

When I read this weeks recipe, I made the same face I make when my youngest has a poopy diaper. Pasta with nuts, butter, raisins, figs and Parmesan cheese did not sound, well, appealing. What won me over was the fact that the ingredients were cheap and the preparation was quick, so we had it for supper today. It has been my biggest cooking surprise to date. Some members of the site said that the pasta needed bacon, or it was too sweet, but I found the flavours amazingly well balanced. the ingredient that really made this recipe great I think was the addition of orange zest at the last minute, it was sweet and salty and earthy all at once. Although my husband does not completely agree, I love this dish enough to make it again....several times over.

 We served it family style

My little bowl of heaven