Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain Delay

When I started training for the bike tour, I told myself that I would bike NO MATTER WHAT. I would stick to my schedule and never waver. Well, that turned out to be a big fat lie. The truth is, I'm not as hardcore as I thought I'd be, and I'm okay with my wussy self. I stayed warm and dry inside the house and knitted some hats.

Well, after two weeks of rain nonsense I started to get cranky and twitchy. Last Wednesday I decided enough was enough, I would ride rain or shine. I lucked out and did not get wet, and I was so happy to be on the bike I changed my planned 20km ride to a 25, and enjoyed every second of it. Last week I rode for a total of 73km. Including a 30km jaunt on Saturday. My legs are no longer twitchy, and my countenance has greatly improved. So has my leg strength. Right now my averages are such that I should be able to complete each leg in about four hours. My goal is three hours, so I think that is doable in the next three months. This is powerful motivation, so powerful I may ride in the rain next time....


Anonymous said...

Biking in the rain is no fun. Do you have good rain gear? If you don't, I can understand avoiding it. Actually, even if you do, I understand not biking in the rain.

In any event, it sounds like your training program is coming along fine.


MOM said...

Glad to hear that the training is going well. Does this mean that you and Ken will take turns driving/biking to the beach?