Monday, February 22, 2010

It's official, and my stomach hurts

Last week I registered for the MS bike tour. I know I told everyone I would, so this is not exactly earth shattering news, but for me, saying I want to do something, then actually committing to it are two very different things. So, I pulled out my credit card and put my money where my mouth is, and it made my tummy hurt a bit. I have to admit, I am nervous about this because I know I have much work to do.

Speaking of work, I have been training for two and a half weeks, and things are going pretty well. I have increased my average speed from 18 km/hr to 20.6, and my average rpm from 70 to 81. Most importantly though, I have found my love of cycling. This morning I did my 30 minute workout and was disappointed when it ended. What, you say? This does not sound like Cara! I know right! But there it is, for the first time ever, I thought my workout was too short. May wonders never cease.


Meghan said...

Woo hoo! Awesome progress Cara! Nice chatting on Sunday - have a great week (now that daddy is home!)

Jacqueline said...

Cool - we're all rooting for you! Just send us the sponsor link so that we can pony up as well!

J & T

Anonymous said...

Have you looked around for a bike yet? Once the snow is gone we can go for some outside rides where the wind and road conditions make the ride totally different. And, I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when I sign up and this will be my 5th ride! That being said, something brings me back again and again, and I can assure you it's not because I love my bike seat!!