Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whoo hoo!

I went out today and got myself a sweet new pair of shoes.

They are Asics Fortitude, and even though they do not come in pink, they did come at the right price. These are last years models, so I got them half off, for a total of $70 plus tax. I purchased them at City Park Runners, recommended by Jen P and they were amazing. They looked at my feet, my walk, and how I walked in every single pair I tried on. Not only that, but the staff asked me about my training program, gave me exercise and stretching tips, and introduced me to a couple members of their regular running club. Everyone was so encouraging and supportive. One employee congratulated me on my efforts to get in shape. I realized this morning that my decision to start running has given me the opportunity to become part of a very supportive community, and that is very exciting.

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Anonymous said...

Smart move getting proper running shoes. My neighbour who is an active runner switched to a different brand of shoes and ended up with shin splints that took months to recover from. I know a lot of runners and some of them switch their shoes every 6 months to ensure the proper support.

Great work on all your training!!