Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scary in There

I know I have been remise in posting, but that is what spending a month and a half driving across the country and building sandcastles will get you. I have, however, still been riding. I have to, the bike tour is in a week and a half, but I would rather not think about that right now.

I was reading the handbook for the tour a while ago and I noticed riders are not allowed to listen to music on the ride. At first I was horrified, how would I be able to ride for hours with only the thoughts in my head!! I asked a couple people about it and they said they sneak their iPod along, because no one wants to be trapped for hours with only what's in their head to keep them company.

Then I started to train, and I have not worn any listening device on any of my outdoor rides, and, as it turns out, I like it. I use the hours on my bike to organize, encourage, write stupid poems, and dream. I spend most of my time dreaming, figuring out how I'm going to do all those things I want to. Folks, it can get scary up there in my head, but once you spend a few hours up there and get comfortable, it's not so bad. Plus, on the day of the tour I'll have my sore ass to distract me.

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