Friday, October 22, 2010

...And then she crashed

I know, I know, I haven't posted in a while. The thing is, after the bike tour I was on a high, I was ready to do that century ride and kick it's ass. In truth however, I haven't been back on my bike. I had the best intentions, but life has a funny way of challenging you in different ways, and mine came in the form of a third kid. Not mine. I'm looking after another little one during the week and had this fantasy of taking her and my youngest on long wonderful rides while my eldest was in school. The reality of the situation was my new charge napped in the morning and afternoon. By the time her mom came to get her I was too tired to take the girls out, so my dream of a century ride this fall faded, slowly but surely. I didn't post any of this because, well, I'm embarrassed. I avoided this site like the plague wishing things were different, but alas, here we are.

My plan this winter was to take up swimming again, but the deadline for my husbands cheap gym membership came and went and he forgot to sign me up, and the drop in rates are crazy high. I've been doing a lot of walking, and I've been doing a yoga video a couple times a week but in reality I'm flailing around without a goal. So I need some help, how do you all stay motivated? What do you do to get over that feeling you've failed....again?


Jacqueline said...

Talk to my shrink... That might not be an option for you as he is in Ottawa...

I don't have anything hugely life-altering to tell you, but I am sending cyber-hugs.

Could you do an early morning ride then nap when the two little ones do?

Wendy said...

Life is a series of being on track and off track - when I fall off track I get back on. Just put it out there... what would have to happen for you to make and keep a commitment to yourself? and then make it happen.

Susan said...

Think of what would make you more likely to succeed. For me, I need more structure. I sign up for classes or teams. This way you are accountable to someone. Then, break up your goal into smaller achievable goals.
Finally, plan a healthy reward to treat yourself once you reach a goal like going to get a mani-pedi, massage, etc.

And if you still fall off the wagon, don't feel guilty, just get back to things quickly so you don't lose all your good results.

Jennifer P said...

Take a break, like you have been doing. It is the right thing to do and in the spring you will love it all that much more. Don't stress about swimming. Focus this winter on eating well, filling your home with beautiful things and food and getting outdoors.