Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Ride

Yesterday was my first official outdoor ride. I decided to go 25 km to set my baseline for training. The computer I got shows my cadence, speed, time, and has an odometer. Basically, it's awesome. As I set out I felt the wind, but it didn't seem too bad. Plus, come August 28th I will not be able to pick and choose the conditions, so I figure I might as well take them as they come. The ride to my halfway point was incredible. My speed was between 20-25 km and my cadence was around 80 rpm. I actually passed a fellow cyclist, and as I did he shouted "wow, you're fast!" I felt fast, I felt great.

The way home was a different story. The wind was from the west, gusting at 43 km/hr. FORTY THREE! And I felt it. My cadence plummeted to between 45-55 rpm and my average speed was 15km/hr. It was a struggle to be sure, but not a hardship. The second half of my ride took more than twice as long as the first, but it is the half that I enjoyed the most, oddly enough. It was hard, but I did it, and I had fun. The whole 24 km trip took me an hour and a half, almost on the button. That's a long time I know, but it didn't feel long. I am not sore today, and I am looking forward to my short little 15 km jaunt on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Applause, Applause, Applause - I'm so thrilled for you Cara. Enjoy your new bike!
Auntie Paula