Friday, December 31, 2010

French Fridays With Dorie - Beef Daube

A beef daube is a type of stew....a delicious, delicious stew. Seriously, it should be illegal for animals to taste this good. I have been looking forward to making this recipe since I saw it on the list, but I waited oh so patiently to see if I would get my cast iron dutch oven for Christmas. I did, and I squealed louder than my daughter did after she got her sleeping beauty barbie. But back to the stew. It is the definition of simplicity. Onions, shallots, bacon, carrots, a blade roast, a bouquet garni and an entire bottle of wine. That's it. The prep is a bit time consuming, but your hard work will pay off in the end. Especially when it comes to the browning. Be good, dry your meat and don't crowd the pan. I served mine over mashed potatoes. I swear, this is what angels eat. I liked it so much I took my head out of the pot just long enough to write this post. Those angels have great taste.


Steph said...

I agree, fabulous recipe! I'm thinking of making it again tomorrow for company. Glad you could get your head out of the pot for a moment to share with us! Happy New Year.

Candy said...

Wonderful! Great post. I'm so glad you got your pot for Christmas -and you had the perfect recipe to try it out with!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for my Dutch oven (crossed fingers for my birthday), but used my trusty soup pot and roaster to make this recipe. I agree with you; it's food for the angels!

Yours looks delicious and mashed potatoes are an important addition to catch all of the lovely sauce.