Saturday, January 16, 2010

What!! I have a blog? You don't say....

Yeah, I've been missing in action for a little over a month, but I have been busy. You know, with the Christmas, and the eating, and the baking and the eating and the wrapping and....well, you get the point. The fact remains that since my last post I have continued to have motivation issues. I decided that I really needed to think, and figure out what I needed to get going, to move and to continue on my quest to make a healthy lifestyle a habit, a reality.

Sooo.....I put my Weight Watchers membership on hold. I know, I know, this seems counter-intuitive, but I think this is exactly what I need. You see, although there are many things I love about Weight Watchers, there is one huge issue I disagree with them on, and that is their view of food. WW believes that food should be only calories, that if you remain within a certain number of calories you will lose weight, and they are correct, to a point, but.....

I believe food is so much more than the number of calories it contains. I have been doing some reading on food, and what our body recognizes and what it needs, and I had begun to change how our family eats. We make our own butter (which is evil, but scrumptious) and bread. I try not to buy processed foods, or foods that have lots of preservatives, colours and other weird stuff. This summer I plan to make seasonal preserves and one of my goals is to start making my own cheese. I believe that food should be natural, sans all that crap manufactures put in it so it has a shelf life. I believe fat free cheese is an abomination (it doesn't even melt) and one should never, ever, make guacamole with over cooked asparagus. I realized last week that although WW had worked very well for me in the past, maybe it was time to take a break, to see if I could work without WW.

So here I am, almost done my first week on my own and I feel pretty good. I am still journaling, and drinking my water, and even measuring out high fat ingredients. I am walking Rowdy every day and he and I are both happier for it. I think that I have grown up a bit, that this time around I don't need a stranger looking at the scale for me to motivate me and make me accountable. This time I think being accountable to myself will actually be enough.


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is always a new day ... good for you to keep on trying. Guess what? This is not the last time you will falter ... not to get discouraged though because tomorrow ALWAYS comes along again. I'm proud of you Cara. It's not easy putting yourself out there and being accountable. I'm cheering for you.
Auntie Paula

Edwin said...

You make your own butter??? That's awesome! And it definitely sounds very scrumptious!

Having just moved out of Shelley's where there would be fat-free *everything*, I agree with you on the cheese thing too. She seemed to think that "0% fat = healthy", whereas Tarra and I prefer your idea of "natural(er) = healthy".

Best of luck keeping it up!!!