Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gah! Pears!

I will soon be seeing pears in my nightmares. Let me explain. When I began getting our fruit and vegetables delivered, I was pumped. It offered us an opportunity to try (be forced to eat) a larger variety of fruits and veggies. Except we live in Manitoba and it is now winter, which means there is no variety in local produce. This means we've been getting a lot of pears, serious amounts of pears, which would be fabulous if any of us actually liked them. Not a single person in my family likes raw pears, including me. Raw it's a texture thing, but my husband and I will eat them cooked. I thought I had solved my problem last week with two batches of pear granola muffins. But alas, the pears kept coming and we are now up to six, so enough is enough. Tonight for dinner we had roast pork and salad. Not just any salad mind you, this one has roasted pears and onions, goat cheese, toasted walnuts and is served on butter lettuce with a basic vinaigrette. For dessert I whipped up saffron scented pear upside down cake. Everything was delicious. That does not mean I want to keep receiving pears in my basket each creativity/willingness to cook them only goes so far.

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